If you live in a third world coun­try, or second and you have the habit to throw gar­ba­ge besi­de rub­bish bin. It means in your coun­try the­re are Swit­zer­lands! The more they spit in a stre­ets, then more you has Swit­zer­lands in your coun­try.

In Rus­sia we have many Swit­zer­lands:

If you type in a search engi­ne any region + Swit­zer­land, exac­tly you will have options.

Echo of war

In the chil­dho­od, Man is an gara­ge sold us bul­lets of gun TT, 6 rub. a pie­ces.
The pri­ce was very expen­si­ve, a bot­tle of local Tar­khun or a fake Cola had pri­ce like that.
We bought two or three car­trid­ges for game toge­ther.
We made a fire and threw car­trid­ges in it. Who ran fur­ther from the fire was the the coward.
As a rule, Artem was fur­ther from fire, becau­se he had thrown bul­let.

I under­sto­od, it was very dan­ge­ro­us.
Boys liked sharp sen­sa­tion, I did not hear to some­bo­dy had been woun­ded.


I was in a viet­na­me­se restau­rant, I orde­red tama­rind juice, drunk and filt the taste of chil­dho­od. Tama­rind is an afri­can pop­py­cock, but it has a taste like ripe fru­it of old aca­cia.

In autumn, after scho­ol we con­stan­tly ate pods, and ate flo­wers in spring.
We named aca­cia honey.

Made in USSR

I have never writ­ten in the column: pla­ce of birth the — born in the USSR.
I have paid atten­tion only now, I always writ­ten Rus­sia.
The USSR is the cor­rect and my docu­ments will be accep­ted.

My mother and grand­mo­ther always wri­te the Kazah­sta­nian SSR, it is not Kaza­kh­stan.
I will defi­ni­te­ly wri­te on a form in the next time 🙂